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About August Venture Talent

We help visionary, innovative companies build extraordinary, high impact teams that disrupt the status quo and change the world.

Who is August Venture Talent


“One of the most professional, impressive, organizationally logical people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.”

Co-founder, Early Stage Startup

The vision resulting in the launch of August Venture Talent in August 2015 initially began to take shape in early 2009, when Founder and Managing Partner, Donna White, started BWA Executive Search with the sole purpose of sharing her deep wealth of recruiting and hiring expertise with those that she considers to be heroes – the founders and leaders of entrepreneurial ventures.

The launch of August Venture Talent represents expansion and continual development of the firm’s capabilities as a driving force in empowering entrepreneurial companies to build extraordinary teams. While August Venture Talent is primarily an executive search firm for key leadership hires, the firm offers an exclusive service to help early-stage startups with non-executive hires. We recognize that at this stage, every hire, at any level, is critical.

August Venture Talent is a recruiting services firm born out of passion and vision. We are deeply committed to the work that we do in helping to achieve our clients’ success. Our results are evidence we listen carefully to their needs and aspirations, get to know their cultures and business environment and understand what keeps them awake at night. Our mantra to our clients is “We are here for you,” and we are confident that they would agree.