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Author: Donna White

Headhunter Pro-Tip: Averting a Counteroffer

Losing a candidate to a counteroffer can be a bitter pill after the hard work of finding the person in the first place. A proactive approach during the interview process is your best defense.

Headhunter Interview Tip: Know within 10 minutes of an intro conversation whether to continue the call

The initial phone screen -- or what I call an exploratory call -- is a great tool for both the hiring manager/recruiter and the prospective candidate. Use both of your time wisely. Make the call count.

Lessons from the field… Hiring a Great HR Leader

In recent years, I have assisted several companies in hiring HR leaders and have been impressed by how this field has progressed since I was in Human Resources many moons …

Interview Like You Mean It

I have seen some potentially great matches fall apart during the interview process. Since the reason for my professional existence is to help companies build great teams, I feel the need to do something about this problem.

Hiring the Right Candidate; Know What Makes a Person Tick

One of the key factors that will determine whether someone will be successful as a member of your team is how well your environment connects with their core motivations.

Early …