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Company Values

Recruiting is demanding work…
our values keep us motivated to work at the highest standard and to love what we do!

At the Heart of Our Work

At its core, the work of August Venture Talent is about people and relationships. We are excited about bringing people together to work toward a common vision.  It thrills us to hear about the difference that a new leader or other team member is making at a company as a result of our introduction. It delights us to hear from someone about much they love their work after joining our client’s team. We are especially excited when a new job changes someone’s life for the better.  We love seeing a client make a mark on the world by pursuing a dream, empowered by having the right people on board.

This is what results from the work of August Venture Talent. And below are some of the values that shape on a day-to-day basis how we go about our work, and how we accomplish our mission. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list. Initially, it was prepared for internal use in orienting new team members, but it so accurately encapsulates the values behind what we do that we decided to share it.



We will not give up and we do not run out of ideas. We are devoted to making the hire.


We never lose sight of the goal, the value of the hire our client or the thrill of the hunt.


We love what our work accomplishes and the value it brings to our clients.  We are excited about the opportunity to help worthwhile companies make a difference.


With two decades of experience and the ability to find success in seemingly impossible situations, we have learned that the right approach to a hiring challenge can make all the difference.


If we cannot find the right person for the job, this person does not exist. However, there are times when we consult with the client to redesign the job opening for greater hiring success.


We have deep appreciation for the challenges and dynamics faced by founders, CEOs, boards of directors and investors involved with emerging businesses or those undergoing significant transition.  We also take seriously what’s at stake for the individual considering a job transition.


The only thing that truly explains a long history of success in what are often ambiguous or unprecedented situations is that sometimes solutions arrive through a stroke of genius. We remain open to the unexpected.


The search process is a partnership, and at the heart of this partnership is clear, accurate communication, along with the open sharing of information and building of trust.


We have deep respect for every individual we encounter in the search process and will do our best to be relevant and responsive. We treat people with kindness and dignity.


This work is a constant source of discovery and adventure for us. At its core, our work is about people, and as a result it never gets dull or loses its meeting.


Every match between the right person and a company provides the opportunity to embark on a journey that results in creating a relationship that did not formerly exist. It is creating something out of nothing. The path to getting there is always different even when using well-honed processes.

These are the values that keep us motivated and are at the heart of the basic question: How can we help you?