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Diversity in Hiring and Recruiting

Given the growing sensitivity to diversity
in the tech community, we want to address how this firm might be of help in authentically building more diverse teams.

Why Diversity?


We are always on the hunt for the best person possible for any hire and, in many instances, this alone will contribute toward building a diverse team. However, even the most open-minded leaders will find themselves with homogeneous teams as a result of unseen barriers to diversity and inclusion in their recruiting and employment practices.

We don’t see diversity as an end in itself or even limited to physical, lifestyle or life-stage differences. However, the “obvious” differences will often contribute to a person’s ability to bring a different perspective and approach. A diverse team can be a critical advantage in building a disruptive company. While this may present a greater challenge and require a more intentional effort in recruiting and forming the company culture, the end result might be a more sustainable enterprise in a diverse marketplace.

We do not distinguish ourselves as a “diversity recruitment” firm, preferring a more organic approach to diversity whenever this is effective. Yet, we are naturally more sensitive to issues surrounding diversity and inclusion given the background of our firm’s leader, particularly those issues currently at the forefront of discussions in the tech and startup communities. Donna White is a woman, a working mom, a member of a racial minority, and at a different life-stage than the typical tech startup team member.

How do we contribute to diversity and inclusion in hiring?

  • For starters, our expansive, research-driven approach will uncover a wide range of candidates beyond the people who might emerge from the personal and professional networks of the founder, the board and investors, and the current team members.
  • We will, naturally, be more sensitive to some of the barriers that exist and how to overcome them, and also have insight on how to more strategically broaden your candidate base when standard methods do not suffice.
  • Having August Venture Talent as a recruiting partner will, in itself, signal to candidates an openness to diversity while in no way excluding candidates representing “the majority.”

While creating a more diverse environment is not accomplished merely by recruiting with greater awareness, this is a huge step. In the long-run creating a diverse and inclusive team will depend on commitment to a work environment where all team members thrive, since retention will play an even greater role than recruiting in building a diverse – and extraordinary – team!

If you are a CEO, board member or investor, and want to assess whether there are barriers to diversity and inclusion in your company’s recruiting and hiring practices, or in general, I’m happy to offer a fresh perspective. -Donna White, Managing Partner